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Kuhbonbon soft caramel candy … sweets reminding of the good old days

Welcome to the sweet side of the World Wide Web. Being a gourmet and a lover of finest soft caramels you have come to the right place.

Our daily efforts go into creating world class caramel cream fudges, following a traditional Polish recipe that has stood the test of time. High quality, gluten-free ingredients, waiver of flavor enhancers and preservatives as well as a big portion of love go into our soft caramel bonbons (also known as "krowka candy"). This is the reason, why many aficionados appreciate it as sweets, which remind them of the good old days. Some even think of it as nostalgic candy. We just call it “Classic”.Vegan caramel bonbons from Kuhbonbon

Delicious variety of soft caramel bonbons

But our world keeps turning. That is why we are developing candy in new flavors to surprise and delight our customers. As a result we are proud to be able to also offer variations of our delicious chewy caramel sweets like chocolate, licorice (or as the British say: liquorice), cream licorice, mint licorice, marzipan, eggnog, milk & honey or our recent addition strawberry licorice. Just browse our Kuhbonbon Online Shop and astonish your taste buds with our world class soft caramels.

Our sweets are gluten-freeOur gluten-free butter caramel cream fudges come in a variety of packaging types, also in mixes of different flavors. Taste it and enjoy!

Our latest addition: soft vegan caramels

Brand new in our "candy line-up": Kuhbonbon Vegan Caramel. These soft caramel bonbons are made of cocoa butter, unrefined cane sugar and bio coconut milk. They contain no allergenes, no palm fat, no soya - a mouth-watering diary-free snack. We think, it is an excellent idea to try the taste of these delicate new vegan candies.

Yummy & lactose-free

More and more people need to put up with food intolerances. Now these people do have a new alternative, when thinking about delicious sweets:
"Kuhbonbon Lactose-free"

Lots of lactose-free milk and an extra portion of butter are creating a yummy taste experience. The full caramel enjoyment without milk sugar and gluten.

Sweets in first class quality and freshness

Experts know that butter caramel fudges undergo a natural ageing process - for some months you will find a soft "tear drop" in the middle of each caramel. This then starts to crystallize until the typical appearance is reached. Thus the tear drop is a sure sign of freshness of our chewy caramel bonbon.

Dive into our candy offerings: Kuhbonbon soft butter caramels … sweets reminding of the good old days.

Kuhbonbon: First class soft caramels - glutenfree
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